Improving your vocabulary will help you communicate more clearly, ensuring your message has the desired effect on your audience.

PR pros love to lie.     Cheat, lie and steal. That’s the life of a PR pro, right? Actually, wrong. PR professionals are held to high ethical standards, touching on everything from privacy protection, conflict of interest disclosure to acting for the public good.   PR is the same as advertising/marketing/journalism.     This […]

Navigating the world of #HumberPR can be tricky, so as I exit my freshman year and enter my second year, I have some advice for students new and returning. **Caveat: I am by no means a source of wisdom, nor should the advice below be taken as gospel. You do you, and enjoy your year! […]

The Humber Public Relations Committee (HPRC) is looking for students motivated in gaining real world experience. In joining the committee, you’ll be a part of a team that organizes student events, creates content for the HPRC Blog and newsletter as well as putting any new and creative ideas you may have, into action. Currently we […]

So you’ve got the job. You managed to impress and get your foot in the door, Congrats! Now comes the hard part, proving your worth and looking incredibly fabulous while doing it. Dressing the part doesn’t mean looking frumpy. I’m a big believer if you look good; you feel good and produce better quality work. […]

We’re only three months into the year but that hasn’t stopped these individuals and organizations from garnering bad reputations, their fault or otherwise. Here are a few of the stand out failures from the first quarter of 2016 and why we should watch their next moves.   Donald Trumped  Mr. Trump has taken the world […]

Research To get to where you want to be, you need to know where you’re going – this is where research comes into play. PR is such a broad field with diverse sectors; finding the perfect fit for your niche interests can be easy as long as you know what opportunities are waiting for you. […]