Learning and laughing at Bloggers Conference 2014

This year’s Bloggers Conference was a total success!

On Monday, October 20 at 7 p.m., 56 students from across the GTA convened in Humber College’s Lakeshore campus auditorium for a night of learning. With speakers from a variety of sectors, attendees were wowed and intrigued by the awesome insight and pearls of wisdom in four very different presentations.

First up, Casie Stewart started this conference off with a bang, talking about The Art of Business Creativity, and elevating your blog to turn it into an *awesome* career.


Between good laughs and jealousy-inducing photos (she held hands with Justin Timberlake!), Casie encouraged students to step outside their comfort zones and into where the magic happens. She talked about how she built her personal brand through guerilla marketing tactics – stickers with her face on them to writing her blog address on people’s arms with sharpies – and how to take a brand, and create a shared experience with consumers to make lasting memories.

Next up, Kristen Sarah and Siya Zarrabi, adventure and travel bloggers and vloggers of Hopscotch the Globe took the stage to talk about The Business of Travel Blogging. This dynamic duo/adventurous married couple takes the world by storm – and gets paid to do it!


Kristen and Siya implored students to write about what you’re passionate about. This power couple left a lifestyle that they liked to pursue a lifestyle they loved – one that is, of course, travel-filled! Not only have they turned their passion into a lucrative career, but they reminded us about how important it is to be authentic.

They are always honest with their readers and viewers about experiences with brands that they work with. Hopscotch the Globe partners with companies that match their brand.

After the two half-hour presentations and some great Q&A, we broke for a 20-minute intermission to mingle with attendees and speakers, and to eat some free food and coffee!


We dove back into the conference with an exciting presentation about fashion blogging and corporate partnerships from two of Toronto’s top lifestyle, fashion and food bloggers, Julio Reyes of FASHIONIGHTS and Daniel Desforges of Do the Daniel.


Fun fact: Julio and Daniel actually met on Instagram two years ago and then got engaged via Instagram! Daniel likes to call it “a modern-day love story.”

The two are big fans of online authenticity, because consumers look to bloggers for authentic content – even more so than mainstream media. They also reminded us about how important it is to build and maintain relationships, both in the business of blogging and public relations.

Probably one of the most important lessons of the night came out of a story from Julio:

Last but not least, our keynote speaker from Edelman Toronto, Jeff Lang-Weir took the stage.


Jeff introduced us to Edelman’s mantra: Show up differently – Edelman tries to bring a different perspective to their clients. He talked about how hard it is to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, among all the noise, and stressed the importance of setting objectives.

IMG_8110It was truly awesome and inspiring to hear from Jeff about the PR-industry side of blogging. When asked what sort of people Edelman hires to join the digital team, Jeff said they look for storytellers.

Thanks to all attendees for joining us – from Humber and beyond – and many thanks to our section representatives and volunteers who made it all possible. We’re already gearing up for our next event! Stay tuned…

More event photos:




Conference Attendees

By: Sadie Weinstein, VP communications

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