Tricks to avoid procrastination

“Oh no!”

Sound familiar? These words have been uttered many times by college students everywhere who forgot that a big assignment was due the next day. I’ve had my fair share of times where this was the case, and it always leads to a cup of coffee and an all-night date with Microsoft Word.

I definitely understand the struggle of balancing all the assignments and stress that college brings. Today, there are so many distractions to keep us from focusing on our work. This is a major problem among many students that lose sight of what work for class has to be done. Luckily, I’ve avoided stress and worry with these three major tips for staying on track. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!

1) Write down due dates and set reminders

This seems like a no brainer, right? Not really. Many forget this essential step. Even I had some trouble with this!

MyHomework is a simple, clean, yet effective application for every college student’s arsenal. Found in the Apple app store, this app offers the ability to set reminders, enter in your schedule, and even work offline. Once a connection is reestablished, it automatically syncs notifications on all your devices, so you’ll never miss one.

2) Spread things out

Do you complete your assignments the day before it’s due? To change this habit, make a schedule.

If you work on your assignment a little every day, you won’t have to spend hours doing the whole thing at once. This strategy to combat procrastination works like a charm. If you have a bunch of assignments due, then work on them little by little each day and have more time to proofread.

3) Work hard play hard

Over the years, I have learned to live my life by the model, “Work hard, play hard.” When the time comes to get your work done, buckle down and focus. Then, you can relax!

I used to stay up late watching Netflix, rather than working on assignments, but I found an application for my Mac called SelfControl. You enter in the websites you want to block and the period of time you want them blocked for, making it much easier to get your work done without access to distractions.

If you have a PC, try the application, Cold Turkey. This is a great tool to prevent you from getting caught up in the play like me. I suggest you check it out!

I hope these tips help you out!

What strategies do you use for staying focused?

By: Riley Horan, BPR Year one Section A representative

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