The best west-end cafes for Humber students

Let’s face it: sometimes, you just need to get away from Kipling and Lakeshore. While the Humber Food Services offer a great variety of meals, snacks and drinks onsite, an off-campus pick-me-up is necessary once in a while.

But where do you go?

Here are a few student-friendly cafes that’ll give you the caffeine you crave and the ambiance you desire after a long week at school. Whether curling up with some java and a textbook, holding a group study session or catching up with a friend over a taste treat, these west-end cafes are sure to please.

Sweet Flosweet flourur, Bloor West Village

Even if their incredible espresso-based drinks don’t draw you in, their custom-made, baked-to-order cookies surely will. Sweet Flour is a place where you can order a single cookie to suit your unique tastes within mere minutes. No mixing bowl or oven mitts required: Sweet Flour has got your back.

Step one: select your dough. Will you go with classic, peanut butter or virtuous oatmeal?

Step two: choose your fillings. Purists can go with the usual varieties of chocolate and nuts, but the more adventuresome can pick from the likes of potato chips, dried figs or pretzels.

Step three: Wait the most agonizing two minutes of your life while the attendant bakes your cookie in a magic oven.

Step four: As you bite into your custom-made cookie, melt just like the butter inside.

la cubanaLa Cubana, Roncesvalles Village

As my favourite new brunch place in Toronto, La Cubana offers you a unique Cuban-style diner experience for a reasonable price. And it all starts with their incredible, perfectly bitter black coffee. Menu items include savoury Cuban corn donuts called frituras, piquant chorizo empanadas and luxurious French toast with bananas and dulche de leche. Fuel up at La Cubana this weekend to amp up your studying potential.


Café Novo, High Parkcafe novo

This high park highlight is not to be missed. Located immediately outside of the subway station, this delightful coffee shop offers organic and fair trade espresso, tea, milk and patisseries. And no one’s left out: gluten-free and vegan food options are available too.

Have a group meeting? Grab a spot at the back and settle in for an afternoon of caffeine-induced productivity. Be sure to reward yourselves with a stroll through nearby High Park afterwards.

Have any favourite student-friendly coffee joints to add to the list? Leave a comment!

By: Emma Bell, Post-Graduate Certificate PR section representative

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