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Best PR Blogs To Follow

As PR pros in training, we take it upon ourselves to search for all of the tips and tricks for success. Yes, our professors are fabulous but sometimes it is nice to hear some advice from our favourite source… the Internet. Blogs are great at talking directly to and audience about a specific topic. There […]

Different Public Relation Sectors

Different Public Relation Sectors  Business to Business Public Relations (also known as B2B PR) In B2B PR the prime objective is to sell the company first and the service or product second. In B2B PR, your message is usually more sophisticated and complex as you are dealing with a more defined audience. In this sector, […]

#HumberPRAlum Event Recap

On November 4th, 2015, Humber’s PR committee hosted an incredibly successful alumni event. We would like to thank Chelsea Cardoso and Alex Kucharski, for leading an intriguing discussion throughout the entire event. Our panelists: Priya Bates, Matthew Ventura, Patrick Tackney, Bryan Sparks, Kelly Baita and Jocelyne Martineau shared their incredible experience and knowledge with current […]

Contest Winners | #HumberPRalum

Last night’s Humber PR Alumni Panel was a great success! We’re so happy with the turn out and cannot wait for our next event. Below are the lucky winners of our live-tweeting contest: PRIZE #1: $100 Umbra Gift Card Jihan Aziz PRIZE #2: $200 Metro Gift Card (Jocelyne upped the ante at the end of […]

Humber’s PR Alumni Panel

On November 4, 2015, Humber’s PR Committee is hosting an alumni panel event. Humber PR graduates with 2+ years of experience will share their knowledge with current Humber students. The event will begin promptly at 7pm and run until approximately 10pm. Our two moderators, Chelsea Cardoso and Alex Kucharski, will be leading discussion throughout the […]