Dressing For Success

So you’ve got the job. You managed to impress and get your foot in the door, Congrats! Now comes the hard part, proving your worth and looking incredibly fabulous while doing it.


Dressing the part doesn’t mean looking frumpy. I’m a big believer if you look good; you feel good and produce better quality work. Business casual can be bright and fun all while looking professional.

Dressing professionally doesn’t mean the only appropriate colours are black and white. Experiment with office appropriate colours to bring life to your wardrobe and showcase your incredible personality.

Six tips to keep in mind when dressing for the office:

  • Understand what is appropriate for your industry/ company.
  • Make sure your clothes fit and compliment your figure.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup or cologne.
  • Keep fingernails polished and clean.
  • Avoid neon colours; they are not office appropriate.
  • Be confident


“Dressing for success isn’t really just dressing on the outside, it’s dressing on the inside.”

— Joi Gordon


Here are fabulous looks that are both business professional and trendy





“Have fun with clothes. You look great and it can positively impact your mood and productivity while at work. Win-win in my books.” – Sarah Kagan 


Written by: Sarah Kagan 

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