From soft to softmore

Navigating the world of #HumberPR can be tricky, so as I exit my freshman year and enter my second year, I have some advice for students new and returning.

**Caveat: I am by no means a source of wisdom, nor should the advice below be taken as gospel. You do you, and enjoy your year!

Make Connections

The professors in the public relations faculty do a great job of hosting guest speakers. Not only do our professors often have valuable industry experience, they ensure up-to-date, real-world examples of success are provided to us through these guests.

The benefit of these guests is not simply to fill up time in their lesson plan — they have provided an opportunity for us to make a connection, so take it! Do yourself a favour and introduce yourself and get their business card. Make yourself known to them and perhaps they’ll remember you in the future, should you reach out to them.

Make connections with your classmates, too. Sure, we spend most days together, and we make friends with the ones we like, but what about the ones we don’t speak to as often? These people are our professional connections, too. You can see your peers as job competition, or you can see them as job propositions. #HumberPR is a valuable resume piece alone, but it sure does pay to have peer recommendations.

Get Involved

Although I may be biased, getting involved in extra-curricular activities in the public relations landscape is incredibly valuable. With only one year on the Humber Public Relations Committee, I have already seen the slope of my learning curve increase.

Shameless plug: we are now accepting applications for a variety of roles. You should see an email from your program coordinator soon, and the post preceding this one on the blog details the positions as well.

The professors and program coordinators often send out emails with volunteer opportunities both in and outside of the school. These opportunities, again, are not just to make them look good — they provide in-the-field experience, and a chance to, dare I say it, make connections!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Much like the featured image I chose for this blog post, it’s important to keep a light air about things; a sense of humour is so important at Humber in life. Teacher not responding to any of your emails? Have a laugh! Missed the streetcar on the way to your big presentation? LOL. Group member not showing up to your meetings? Oh, you!

Your stay at Humber can feel daunting and never-ending, or it can be a fun-filled breeze. Do your personal best every time, and play nice with others.


Article written by: Brent Murphy



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