Say hi to the 2016/2017 team!

Frank Furtado// (MIA) president







I’m Frank, Radio Humber alum, human movie database and avid music lover, I’ve always been one to respect an artist and the care they put into their craft. Working alongside the promotions team over at Sony Music Canada sparked my interest in moving towards PR and marketing. In sticking with music, I recently interned with the digital media gurus over at Indie88, Toronto’s Indie Radio Station. If you ever need a music recommendation, I’m your guy. I like getting work done but I’d better be having fun while doing it.

As for my current role within the committee, I’m “missing in action” as I’m partying studying in Scotland for a semester abroad. – Cheers

Leandra Greenfield// vice president

14670852_10154548247699354_4947559185100546792_nI’m Leandra, a second-year student in the BPR program. Have analytics that need analyzing? Tweets that need tweeting? Then I’ve got you covered! I have a background in marketing, and am also (plot twist) a licensed hairstylist. I find it nearly impossible to do my school assignments without Netflix on in the background, and am a little bit…actually very much, addicted to social media.

I always love keeping up with world news and meeting new people. For my role on the committee, I manage our social media pages and help coordinate upcoming events. If you see me around campus, say hi!

Brent Murphy// VP of communications

aaeaaqaaaaaaaawgaaaajdgxnmyzodm0lwuyztatngy0ni1iy2vmlwe5zdkzzju3yjjjzaThe ability to clearly communicate my thoughts and feelings is something I’ve worked extremely hard at. As a kid I was a book worm and, admittedly, perhaps overused the thesaurus (when it was still a physical book, not a Google search or Microsoft Word feature). After years of searching for the perfect career path, it appears the right fit had been right between the lines: public relations.

A second-year in the bachelor of public relations program, I work diligently to acquire the necessary skills to become a credit to the communications field. As the VP of communications on the Humber Public Relations Committee, I hope to extend that learning to other students and help create a community, increasing opportunities for growth outside of the classroom.

Maxim Naylor// secretary

1780773_1435890853314896_1474663778_nMaxim is a public relations practitioner based in Toronto who is passionate about helping brands share their story. He recently completed a Certificate in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Toronto. Maxim is currently a first-year student in the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Humber College.

In his spare time, Maxim enjoys volunteering, watching soccer, and hanging out with his dog, Oscar.

Tureisha Hamlet// digital specialist







Hi, I’m Tureisha and I’m in my second year of the bachelor of public relations program. For as long as I can remember, writing has been my number one passion and it was this love that lead to me choosing public relations as a career. I am very excited to be joining the Humber PR Committee as the digital specialist for the 2016/2017 school year.

My goal for this year is to help create opportunities for the students in the various PR programs at Humber to meet and connect with one another. I look forward to meeting with you all throughout the year.


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