Carcia & Telly Campbell

Carcia & Telly Campbell – It’s MusicFashionLife


Launched in 2011, is a Fashion and Pop Culture blog founded by siblings Carcia Campbell and Chantel Telly Campbell of Toronto, Canada. They are simply known as The HerCastleGirls. They are two young professional women (Carcia the Event Marketing Exec, and Chantel the Fashion Entrepreneur) living a life of stilettos and rock and roll, balancing work & play while sharing what pop culture icons keep them inspired. Truthfully, ItsMFL was born out of boredom. Carcia and Chantel Telly needed a creative outlet and a blog seemed like a great way to do it. Little did they know people would actually start reading it. It wasn’t long before the girls were getting invites to some of the most elite Fashion, Lifestyle and Music events in Canada. Through ItsMFL, Carcia and Telly have collaborated with Ebay Canada, Smart Set, Costa Blanca, and many other brands. The two have been featured on The Marilyn Dennis Show, Product Toronto, The Mike Chalut Show on Proud FM and many more.

Carcia has previously worked with Flare Magazine, YTV, CTV Newsnet and EMI Music Canada. She is a Humber College Alumni, graduating from the Print and Broadcast Journalism program. Chantel Telly Campbell is a George Brown graduate of George Brown’s Fashion Design program. She has worked with indie designers and creates custom designs for her clients.

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