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Improve your PR writing with these vocabulary-building tools

Improving your vocabulary will help you communicate more clearly, ensuring your message has the desired effect on your audience.

Interview Tips And Tricks For Success

There is no denying that interviews are terrifying. We spend countless hours stressing over the anticipated event. What to wear? What to say? How to say it? The answers are endless. Here are a few tips and tricks to use to tackle interview jitters and ensure you get the job! 1) “Be assertive and ask this final […]

How to dress like a PR professional

No matter if you work in corporate, agency or non-profit, it’s important to have a wardrobe filled with options for professional dress. First things first: get yourself a power suit. You know, the kind that you’d wear when meeting a big client or giving a presentation. Every professional should have one in his or her closet. It […]

Keep calm and cook

We’re deep into the heart of the winter semester now. It’s time for midterms, group projects, Google docs and entering into an intense relationship with your best friend you call “coffee.” If looking at your upcoming assignments has you looking like this guy… You should turn to your kitchen to incorporate some zen to the crazy […]

Eating on the go

In the public relations industry, and as students, we often find ourselves with hectic and busy schedules. Unfortunately, one of the things most often to be forgotten in a busy schedule is lunch. Eating on the go can be inconvenient and time consuming, so this is why we have put together tips on making healthy […]

Second Annual Bloggers Conference: What to Expect

On Monday at 7 p.m. in Humber Lakeshore’s auditorium, the Humber Public Relations Committee (HPRC) will host its Second Annual Bloggers Conference. Whether this is your first time attending the conference, or you came last year, there is so much to experience in one short evening. Here are some tips on how to make the […]

Get a jump start on Humber PR

The first day of school can be very exciting, but also a little overwhelming. By now, you’ve likely accepted your Humber College Public Relations (PR) program offer and have paid your fees. Maybe you’ve sought out Humber PR groups on Facebook and started your networking a little early, or have joined the conversation on Twitter, using […]